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High fashion for heaven.

Alina and Serafima had met in England, Sussex. Alina came here to work. She was a truly gifted musician with an outstanding voice. It was no wonder that soon enough she had organized a Russian Folk choir. Locals sang out with keenness their hearts in a language beyond their grasp; her ability to get people together in the cause of art and for the deep love that she had for a song, drew different people in like a magnet.

Serafima, an extremely brilliant fashion designer got married to an Englishman, also in Sussex. There is a bit of a mystery  how the two women initially met.  It could be that Serafima came to sing in a choir, which also became famous among the Russian women who moved to Britain. There is nothing like a song from your motherland in your heart!

Though Alina’s ability to perform was phenomenal, normally she dressed rather insipid. After both ladies got to know each other, the situation had radically changed. Serafima offered to Alina some of her best dresses from her collection – all unique, embroidered by hand, with original design. One of her collection is titled ‘The silk way.’ The picture is still vivid in my memory: Alina wearing a knee-high scarlet red dress with delicate tiny lace running through, a thin belt around waist line, walking on the podium. Coco Channel herself would have taken pleasure in that. Alina became all together beautiful.

Such an illustration shows well what is happening to a sincere believer. God fills them with His Holy Spirit, who has unlimited power and unquenchable energy. He is impossible for anyone to stop. God is the greatest artist of this Universe. Psalm 33:6 declares: “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their host.” The word breath here in original Hebrew language is Ruach, the same Spirit that lives in a believer, completely changing a person. In the book of Acts 1:8, ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…’ Jesus explained to the disciples what sort of power will be available to them after the day of  Pentecost. In the Greek language, this word for ‘power’ and the word for ‘dynamite’ are the same. It is rather unfathomable to estimate the scope of resources that Jesus had left a believer with. Thinking it over to the tiny details, Jesus Himself pleased and obeyed the Father by the same power of the Spirit, bearing the sin of the world on His shoulders. Often we don’t muse over it much, desperately trying to change other people or our present circumstances.

However, God Himself has begun a good work in every believer. Because He is the greatest artist of all times, He is shaping His masterpiece in everyone who completely puts their trust in Him. Often we can’t see what exactly He has in mind or we can’t figure out His final design, but instead we feel the sharp scissors in His hands that are so piercing. When His ‘High Fashion collection’ will be ready for display, all shall see that there is no other created thing more beautiful than the Bride of Christ, ready to meet God. While believers are awaiting for that Day, God has promised to give to us the anointing of His Spirit when we ask (Luke 11:13).

As soon as irritations come, when things don’t go our way: like when husbands buy the wrong meat; when a toddler blocks the toilet by putting Lego down; when your relatives insist on their ways which are contrary to your convictions as a believer. These are the ‘sharp scissors’ that God purposefully holds, cutting the believer into the pattern of Christ who is all-together lovely. At moments like that is necessary to ask God to refill you with the power of the Holy Spirit.  When you are tempted to reply sharply and rudely, don’t forget the ‘power-dynamite’, which is at our disposal. By His Grace try to please your ‘fashion designer’ because ‘a hidden person of the heart … of a gentle and quiet spirit’ is pleasing Him. By doing so, in the future, when God continues to ‘cut the pattern’ in us, frustration and pain will diminish. One day all temptation will be gone and the garment finally finished:’ For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” (2 Corinthians 4:17 ). Do not forget about the Grand Fashion Show where every child of God will be a ‘super model’ and time, fashion trends or age will have no effect or power over us because this transformation is eternal and imperishable!

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