The King's Harbour

Today is the day that our government is set on redefining marriage. Even though David Cameron announced in his pre-election mandate that he had no intention of doing so, peer pressure and a longing to modernise the Conservative party has forced him to change his mind.

Let’s not forget who is shaping the thoughts of our government. The enemy of our souls wants to re-shape everything about our society, he wants to rob children of fathers, steal innocence from our little ones and intrinsically remove God from every facet of our lives.

Our enemy lacks creativity however, the Christian with scales removed from their eyes can see all-too-clearly what is going on. We have discernment, a gift from God that provides insight into the consequences of decisions made by everyone around us – including our government.

Even false religions or no ‘religions’ are just a re-shaping and fragmenting of what…

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