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‘Top Tips for Godly Mothers’.


                                                                                              Cabo Roig, Andalucia

I’m introducing my devotional ‘Top Tip for godly Mothers‘. Handwritten as a journal, it had been collecting dust for some time now. I thought I could put it in good use here. Please feel free to comment & bring out ideas. I would love to hear your feedback.


The sea shimmered of deep turquoise. The skies were clear blue, not one cloud, naturally expanding without the feasible end. The path, that had stretched along the Mediterranean, was steep and narrow.  Hardly any people around. The quietness of nature’s beauty enveloped me. Majestic eucalyptus stood, as guards, along the way. I was on my morning run along the endlessly stretched  sea.  Songs about the One who created this wonderful world were joyfully hollering into my ears. No children asking for things. No increasing  frustration or pressure. No feeling that I’m late or forgot about something. Relaxed, full of peace, filling the pleasure in the depth of my soul. The sweetness of a holiday.  At last! I still could not believe that by the magic of an airline, we were transported  from cold & wet England onto Andalusian hot soil.

My husband was looking after the children. Blinded & warmed by the Spanish sun, I felt as I was almost back in paradise. A believer know well that only  heaven can make someone absolutely permanently content in heart & consistent in peace of mind. But at the same time, I’m convinced that God’s desires that  His children strive for it even now -a peaceful contentment in their hearts & under any circumstances. The Scripture certainly challenges us to it. The Bible proclaims the Sovereignty of the Lord. If we truly believe that God is in control, why loose our peace? However this state of mind could be even more challenging for mothers, surrounded by tiny feet & constant mess on a daily basis. But no matter how hard this ideal is to practice at times, it must become a goal. If you don’t set a one, it is unlikely that you will ever reach it. The more encouragement we get from His word, Holy Spirit and God’s people, the easier it will be to reach GG (godly goals). The purpose of this devotional is to encourage mums that are tired, weary or spiritually drained. I’ve been there so many times myself. God used different means to pull me out. One thing is certain: you could never have too much encouragement!

Looking around at God’s nature, feeling His goodness, I had a passionate desire to express to Him my boundless gratitude. Such experience was so uplifting and therapeutic that I’ve decided to walk along the beach in Costa Blanca every morning, just to spend some time alone with God . Each morning the Lord faithfully talked to my heart. Because I felt inspired, I began to write my thoughts down. Some of those thoughts that came during my devotional time I will share. When we returned home, I was really surprised that in spite of all business, the Lord continued to speak to me just as powerfully. The holiday was over, but this intimacy with my Maker only became stronger. After all that was the best investment – to set aside time with the Lord!  

                                                                                        Why consult God?

Imagine yourself a young man, educated in Eton college, brought up in the finest home of England with thousands of years of heritage, having only what is best in this world, eating only what took hours to prepare, served on only best china. He comes of age. He meets the girl. Adorn in a black and white tuxedo with a velvet red rose, he proposes to the girl of his choice most passionately. And finally marries her.

Turns out that his favor and his passion somehow felt on a girl who is… poor, ugly, never been to school, does not have manners, never had parents to look after her, ate leftovers and what ever else she could find in a rubbish bin. She is lame, blind, deaf and often sick. She doesn’t have a fairy godmother either. Wait a minute, you say! But that goes against every romantic film I’ve ever watched! That doesn’t add up with the tabloids and red carpet movie stars romance or even any Royals! This young man, the envy of every eligible young beauty in the country, spends his life time loving this homeless destitute girl, teaching her, advising her, healing her, protecting her, sharing his family fortune with.  You might rightfully say: ‘Wow!’ But you know what? This illustration does not even come close to what Jesus has done for his Bride! Sinners and imperfection didn’t belong to His Universe. Spiritually that’s the state of every human  before conversion. If God had punished every sinner for the rest of eternity, He still would be the most righteous and glorious being that ever existed. But, He so loved sinners, someone just like that young ignorant orphan, that He gave up His royalty and honor for a time. That’s why we sing through the centuries ‘Amazing love, how can it be? That Thou has died for me…’  I think that’s good enough reason for us, women who fear and love the Lord to consult him in all that we do. This takes spending time on our knees, seeking His beautiful face, placing our heart into his hand and leaving it there for good. And often that involves the sacrifice of time.

Today, a lot of girls would turn around  to a dashing young man from the story: ‘No, this can’t be real that someone like that can love me or I’m sufficient. I’ll be all right trusting only myself.’ This is a  an contagious illusion ( many other people doing it) that appeals to our flesh, but not  reality. One of my friends said once:’I had twins. Shortly I became a believer.’ For all of us, it was something that became the last straw and the Lord had used it to bring us to Himself. So, my appeal would be to the one’s that realize they do need help and guidance in life. Why don’t we look at what Jesus, the lover of our soul, can offer us?!  Why don’t we allow Holy Spirit to make us more like Him. When you have a good friend, you always want to be more like that friend. I was. I even did something that naturally was foreign to me for the sake of my friend as a kid. I signed up for Math club in school! All I can say, good friends make you only a better individual. God is calling us to ‘grow in knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Let’s do it – it will be a life long journey.

 An Encouraging Thought

One day, when I was on my morning walk along the sea , I took my youngest son in the buggy. He was about 9 months old. I put on my running gear just to feel like I’m not just walking, but trying to get in shape. I knew I could not run much with the buggy and the bumpy surface of the pavement, but my husband needed a break. On my way back, I saw a lady down below on the beach doing exercises. It looked like she knew what she was doing, so I stopped and watched her for a bit. Before I knew it, I was copying the exercises  after her. I desperately wanted to have some physical activity, but my circumstances in life were so against it. That lady was so contagious and inspirational that I didn’t really care if anyone saw me, whether it was a good thing to stop right there on the narrow path and do it or not. I took advantage of someone else’s example. Often that’s how it is in life. If we do what God called us to do by His strength and wisdom, we never know how it will affect others and who is watching us. But one thing is certain, there are people watching, it bound to be. Let’s look at Saul’s experience from the book of Acts. He was watching Stephen being stoned. Perhaps God already was moving in his heart, he just didn’t even know it. Often the Lord plans ahead and He allows us to have experiences that later will serve His own purposes. There is nothing, absolutely nothing is hidden from Him and there is nothing  sudden about His plans.

Once we trust God to give us His counsel, He begins to build in us a woman of substance. As I said earlier, it will require a sacrifice of a social event or a film or shopping or whatever else we are eager to fill out lives with. But it worth it. Because the change that will take place on a spiritual/emotional level in us, will be like the damp cold air turning into a pleasantly hot & sunny, when going from one country to another!

Lets get as much spiritual encouragement as we can, as well as healthier tips for quality living !!!

                                                                                                              Top Tip

Hold on to God’s faithfulness from the past no matter what! Lean on what God already has done.  So very simple. Every time I feel disappointed with my husband, never ending motherhood or lack or funds to do all the things that I want to do in life, I remember God’s dealings with me before. He spoke so clearly to me about my family, children, husband to be, no promise of riches or earthly glory, and I feel  that I can  trust Him to bring me up on the top of the spiritual mountain once again!

Just one example. Each time my husband and I had an argument or a disagreement, the same pattern follows: someone comes to the house or we go visit other people, and they providentially want to hear how the pair of us met?! At first, we reluctantly start telling them (the hurt feelings are real & painful, still boiling over) about it and towards the end of the story, we are so overwhelmed by God’s power, goodness & faithfulness  that we forget about all our disagreements. And I’m amazed at that every time! God’s ‘superglue of unconditional love’ is able to hold two sinner together who are fully committed to Him.

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