In His Will.


Years ago, I remember  soaking up the grandeur of God’s creation on the beach in Mexico.  At the time I was studying in Southern California, the beach there just as beautiful, but it surrounded by man-made Pears and buildings. In Mexico, you get the real feeling of God’s  creation of the world. Just breathtaking.

The new millennium hit , but my situation was the same:  single and praying for the  husband. I was almost 27. I had prayed to God for a husband before. It was not exactly His will. This time I knew that His desire became my desire. I knew the man God prepared for me and I was excited about it.  I can’t describe to you how wonderful it feels to be in God’s will. The satisfaction mixed with peace,joy and confidence is mind-blowing.

The beach  seemed deserted. I looked around and could see water stretching in all direction. Sand was softly tickling my bare feet. The sun was setting down, putting the place to sleep. I was not ready to go home.  Day’s activities were over. Playing with the children at the orphanage could be emotionally draining. They were so hungry for a touch. Attention. Your time. Someone’s Love. Anything you can offer.  I had  time for myself at last.  Wrestling with God in prayer because my unbelief in His goodness was still strong. I knew that He had promised me a family of my own. Many years passed by, my faith was getting weaker. Still, praying in accord with His will, was the only thing I wanted to do.

An encouraging thought.

God’s enemy strives to convince a believer – doing God’s will is foolish. Satan even had trying to divert Jesus on many occasions from doing the Father’s will. The Bible tells that He was tempted just as we are. ‘ For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.’

‘The feeling and the knowing it’ that you are in God’s will is more than incredible. If you never experienced that , it is one thing. But once you have, you would not trade it for anything in the world. Literally. There is a big hump on one of the country roads near by. My children always ask me to ‘fly’ over it almost like their dad does. I told them: ‘I would not do it for a million quid.’ For the sake of fun I’m not prepared to rick their lives. That’s how strong I feel about being in God’s will and not swapping it for anything else. It always pays off better than something corruptible such as money.

‘Let us know, as faith can be grounded nowhere else than in the Word of the Lord, so we must only stand to the testimony thereof in all controversies.’   ~John Calvin~

To be able to stand on God’s Word takes time.It takes a season for a godly woman to ripen. Just like with natural remedies. Some say that the natural remedies are not effective. They go to the doctor and ask for prescription. Like everyone else. I’m convinced after many years that what nature had to offer is the best. There are never any side effects. That’s the most appealing part for me.  I must admit that it takes time and faith to trust unconventional remedies, but they do work miracles. We should retreat to medicine in emergencies, not every time there is a need.

I just finished reading ‘The best of daughters’ novel by Dilly Court. The main heroine Daisy, comes from the wealthy upper class family. A huge effort needed to raise a proper lady to enter high society.  After years and years of proper upbringing,  Daisy struggles with the feelings of confused love.  She is completely unprepared for reality when her family looses their large fortune.  How opposite is God’s preparation! He gives the most practical, the most real world oriented preparation with His power on our behalf. Don’t miss out! By God’s grace I waited on Him to receive His blessing of a family.

Top Tip

It is not  easy to do what God is asking of a believer. Often it costs. Satan is a lair when he tells us that it will cost too much:’ The price is much too high & all pleasures are passing by – you are missing out!!!’  It is amazing how many times a mature believer can fall into those exact emotional traps!  The truth is God never asks anyone to do something in vain or doesn’t replace what we lost with something greater of value. Every time Jesus overcame His temptations, He was rewarded with greater things. God will reward everyone who is doing  His will. Think about it and make it your aim not to fall in to the traps even for a short little while.

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