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‘The spiritual Bipolar.’


Last Sunday  Dr. Talor Donner was  preaching in our church as a guest speaker. He was teaching  on Jeremiah and his call to the ministry. I don’t remember when I laughed in the church so much. His sermon was hilarious when he went to chapter 20 of the book of Jeremiah. Have you ever paid attention what is going on there? To be honest, I never did.  He was inclined to think that Jeremiah was ‘suffering from bipolar’.  Still the Lord effectively  used him in His purposes. That’s the beauty of His grace.

At first in ch. 20:6  we find Jeremiah beaten & in stocks. I’m sure he is not enjoying it. Sill, he comes out with a powerful, uncompromising message for Pashhur. Impressive.

In a very next verse, 20:7  Jeremiah says to the Lord: ‘O Lord, You have deceived me.’ Ok, we all human, even men get emotional at times.

In v. 11 he is spiritually high again, ‘But the Lord is with me as a dread warrior; therefore my persecutors will stumble; they will not overcome me.’ He continues praising the Lord from the heart.

In v.14 he goes: ‘Cursed be the day on which I was born!’

And  this emotional roller coaster just in one chapter! Ever feel like that as a Christian? Be encouraged, someone else already been there & God used him (her:). Also, make a habit of praying for your pastor & those who are leaders of different ministries you know of. Just as Jeremiah while used by God they will be attacked at the core of their  emotions. No doubt about it.

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