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Global nutritional madness.

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?‘ Einstein

At first glance, such statement might sound as an expression of arrogance. In reality this is exactly right. What you are doing makes complete sense, but to others  ‘you are weird’ to say the least. And what the other do, you find hard to understand: ‘ Why would they do that?!!’

A teacher in my daughter’s school was going on and on about GMO food, how advantageous & superior it is. I read that it is harmful. If a child  fed for five year strictly GMO, he would surely die.

Dangers to our lives are all around these days. The danger number one is massive unbelief in the truth. I will never get tired of repeating how millions don’t have a problem believing a lie that ‘ nothing created everything out of nothing.’ Do you get now how crazy this sounds when you put it on paper?

But also our lives becoming extremely shorter. For example, mobile phones and obscene amount of  minutes you get with it. There is already has been done research that some children spent too much time talking on the phone & ended with brain tumors.  That’s why no one is too young to learn the truth today!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said something along those lines: ‘ The morality of society is judged by the way it treats the children.’

I’m a mum who stays home to take care of the family. It would be difficult for me to go places & participate in protests or demonstrations, but there are so many things that you can do from your home. I can control what my children watch, eat & do. Surely. One boy turned up on the school trip away with a suitcase full of sweets. The cost of it was about  25 pounds. He shared  with others, fortunate for him personality! But another girl brought lots of sweets & she ate them the first day all by herself. What most parents do not understand that sugar is responsible for a lot of diseases. The worst part it is addictive as a drug & widely available, there is no way your child can voluntarily resist it. That’s where you come in and teach them and restrict the amounts.  Once my son visited a friend. I knew from his mother that he had to pull a few teeth out. My son said that he could not believe what he saw: the packets of sweets were lying on the floor and the kids were so full, they didn’t even paid attention to them any more.

While my dentist and I agree on the harm of sweets, she mentioned to me recently: ‘I can’t imagine having children just yet.’  That’s because she doesn’t read the Bible where it says: ‘Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.’ 

Two of my children already revolutionized my life nutritionally. My daughter had eczema and because of that we had to rethink what we eat.  My oldest son lactose intolerant, but he has no problem drinking raw dairy. Because of him we will be so much healthier.  Pasteurized milk should be labeled  ‘a lactose water’ because that’s all it has to offer to us. Homogenized milk should be labeled : ‘harmful for your health’. Of course if our government was  honest with us. But this is probably too much to ask of them.  At the same time they expect me to spend my money for products like that?No, dep_10601680-Cute-little-girl-with-field-flowers[1]

thank you! And I’m indeed thankful that even though they tell farmers to put a warning on raw milk that it could be harmful, we still have freedom to buy it. Praise God of High Heavens for that !!!

My advise that really worked for me : ‘Do the  thinking  yourself, don’t let anyone do it for you!’

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