Metal trees.

Metal+wall+art+tree-1[1]On  Saturday as I was driving on a country road, my left eye caught a peculiar sight. A house, just before the bend of the road, had metal trees in the garden. I kept staring at them, nearly swerved the car off  the road.

It is awfully convenient to have metal trees in your garden. Hardly any care required. Often, even without realizing it, often I want my life, health, well-being, spirituality to be  like those ‘trees’ that don’t need any care or nourishment.

I was on my way to the Saturday market to buy milk. From the start it had not been the best day. I got talking to my mum and lost concentration for just enough time to miss a turning. Consequently, it took us twice as much to finally get to the market. I would not even bother if I didn’t have to pick up milk for a friend. Even though after starting to drink raw milk my teeth back to normal (not being sensitive and unbearable to chew  on both sides of my jaw)  I still find it hard to make the effort.  Often I want  my health to be just as a ‘metal tree’. No care, no effort required. Often I just want to sound all healthy and right minus the sacrifice of time and money. I hear people say ‘oh, it is so much easier ‘to do good’ in life. And I can do it myself without anyone’s help.’ I find this incredibly unbelievable.  My faith must be too small.

Another thing that I found amusing was about ‘multiple promises’ that we make. Or others make. It caught my attention  that Waitrose supermarket starting to partner with Shell company.  For years they fought for cleaner water for cleaner fish, but this promise/conviction doesn’t seem relevant once Shell offered them partnership? How does it make you feel? I’m not a Green Peace activist, but still it left me with rather unpleasant feeling.  Who is among us doesn’t like when promises are kept? The truth is it is impossible to achievable by human efforts alone.  Here is a classic example. I tried to explain to one lady how only God can help anyone to do what is right; the fact that only through Christ and His righteousness we are able to please holy God. After all my explanations, this woman turned around and said: ‘Here is what my father used to say, whom I absolutely adored. ‘ I want to wake up each day and be able to look at my reflection in the mirror.’  Sounds very noble, but who can actually do it? It is just a matter of time before our deepest convictions and earlier made promises compromised or totally broken. What is interesting is that we are looking at the Lord’s Prayers on Sunday mornings at the church. Isn’t peculiar that Jesus could have addressed God : a Holy One, Eternal One or gazillion other names ? Yet, He addressed Him not ‘My Father’ , but as  ‘Our Father who are in heaven’ including and sharing Him with all who believe. Not only God is the Father to all who believe, but Jesus calls Him ‘Our’ father which makes it so much more personal. Some of us have fathers we adore, some of us, don’t. But it is only Our heavenly Father who leads us on the path of life in eternity . We must consider Him and what He says. His wisdom stands forever and it is supersedes time. May we read and meditate on our Bibles more often! To do that we all  must put some effort, have a desire and time to be consistent with it, have ‘waiting on the Lord period’ for specific prayer answers. That was the most convicting part of the Sunday sermon . I find myself so impatient these days, it is shocking.  When Christians stay up late reading their Bible and pray you can tell. You also can tell when they stay and watch YouTube or whatever other entertaining nonsense  the Internet offers.  This is first of all a challenge for me – to put to practice what I ‘preach regarding my body & soul’.  And I thank God that He delivers all the promises that He ever made!

He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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