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One Spring Day.

Rachid felt relief. As the mission begins, his biggest trick will be to fool the security services still on high alert at the capital of Russia. ‘Freedom will be mine at the cost of other lives!’ A childhood memory  flooded in, one ordinary spring day when everything went dark. A tragedy, later reinforced with religious zeal, changed him. He knew he will be calm, avoiding suspension while getting aboard. Gaining people’s confidence was his  skill. The worst kind of fear, as a tiger, gripped him. The longing for the approval of his parents, always  wishing he  became a chess player, won’t go. He just had to pretend that it didn’t matter. Martyrs went straight to paradise. A carrot, that Allah had to sent to a poor soul before she nearly  fell into an abyss, won’t be his case.  He boldly met a customs officer’s look. The appliances were skillfully hidden. He smiled. A well tamed anger was safe, as in the cage. Standing  at the center of the mall, the eyes of suicide bombers met. The detonator’s rings will be pulled simultaneously. His gaze traveled after a boy, skipping carefree, basking in happiness. As a crow with her screeching , the magnitude of  the aftermath, doomed upon him. ‘How can I turn this place into a graveyard and enjoy paradise? A deity requires it? As ethereal light, logic struck, exposing  filthy lies, shouting: ‘Act’. Abort it’. Such explosion of thought gave freedom, killing the fear of his wicked, life demanding god.

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